Climate change is


97% of climate experts agree.

We humans are causing climate crisis.

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In 2013, the IPCC provided a globally peer-reviewed report about the role of human activities in climate change when it released its Fifth Assessment Report. The Report was categorical in its conclusion: climate change is real and human activities, primarily the release of polluting gases from burning fossil fuel (coal, oil, gas), is the leading cause.

Facts about the climate emergency (IPCC, 2020):

  • Climate change is real, and human activities are the leading cause.
  • The concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere is directly linked to the average global temperature on Earth.
  • The concentration has been rising steadily, and mean global temperatures along with it since the Industrial Revolution.
  • The most abundant greenhouse gas, accounting for about two-thirds of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), is essentially the product of burning fossil fuels.

Stabilizing climate change demands immediate intervention

The climate crisis is urgent. The world must take action to stop our average global temperature from increasing by more than 1.5⁰C.  IPCC estimates show that to avoid exceeding 1.5°C in the following decades, we must deliver immediate, rapid, large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to stabilize climate change and achieve net-zero CO2 emissions.

We invest in healing the earth

CLIMATE CHANGE is an economic, public health, and environmental issue that we have a moral responsibility to address. We incorporate climate change awareness in all our investment and development activities in Australia. We cooperate to do our best and be a part of the global effort of healing our earth.

The Crisis

WE ARE FACING A GLOBAL EMERGENCY. This decade, we have experienced disasters of all kinds, in every continent – RECORD TEMPERATURES, WILDFIRES, FLOODING, EXTREME STORMS, AND OTHER WEATHER DISASTERS. Climate change is real, and human activities are the leading cause.

Global climate is changing, and this change is apparent across many observations. The global warming of the past 50 years is primarily due to human activities, and the global climate is projected to continue to change over this century and beyond.

The magnitude of climate change beyond the next few decades depends primarily on the amount of heat-trapping gases emitted globally and how sensitive the Earth’s climate is to those emissions.

The Fight

According to the International Energy Agency, there is no room to approve new oil and gas fields for development in a world that limits global warming to 1.5°C. Yet current government plans for fossil fuel extraction would by 2030 lead to more than double the production allowed under that pathway.

In a decarbonized economy by 2050, energy use will be primarily electric, with at least 80% coming from renewable sources and all from zero-carbon sources, according to the Marrakech Partnership’s Climate Action Pathway on energy. 

Oil and gas production must fall by 40% by 2030 compared to 2019 to reach net-zero by 2050, according to the Race to Zero 2030 Breakthroughs.

The Future

THE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TRANSITION IS KEY. Energy production is the single most significant contributor to climate change, accounting for around 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Green hydrogen, made from renewables, can fill some gaps, particularly in transport and other industry sectors like shipping and steel. We are in sync with many other environmentalists to create global warming and climate change solutions. Our dream to make the earth a better place for future generations motivates us to develop sustainable solutions.

AGA brings its technical capabilities and innovative ideas to accelerate the development of a Green Ammonia production facility in the Northern Territory of Australia.

In the Spotlight

AGA has a bold ambition and long-term vision of producing a sustainable GREEN AMMONIA without affecting the environment. We identify, invest, and develop environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia to sustain our long-term requirements and future expansion.

Emir Aziz

Chief Executive Officer

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