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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision

Our vision is to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy that preserves, protects, and enhances the living systems in areas where we operate and the planet that endures our business and a sustainable and better world for humanity.​

Our mission

We are committed to pioneering investment and development to accelerate Australia’s sustainable and clean energy production. We are committed to a sustainable future that values nature and restores the environment. We aim to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate – Our Stakeholders, Environment, Health, Social, Economic – designed to create a better and sustainable world.

in the spotlight

At present, the world is in clean energy and green fuel fever. Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia is portrayed as a key to a carbon-free economy, a future marketing opportunity, and offers substantial potential benefits. A robust outlook for Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia requirements in Europe, Canada, the USA, and Asia exists, and the trend will continue over the next 30 years.

Dr. Xanthie Gagaza


the project

AGA’s Green Ammonia Production Facility (the “Project”) comprises the design, development, financing, construction, ownership, and operation of a Green Ammonia Production Facility (the “Project”) in Australia’s Northern Territory with a commercial quantity processing capacity.

we invest in healing the earth

CLIMATE CHANGE is economic, public health, and environmental issue that we have a moral responsibility to address. We incorporate climate change awareness in all our investment and development activities in Australia. We cooperate to do our best and be a part of the global effort of healing our earth.

climate emergency

We are facing a global emergency. This decade, we have experienced disasters of all kinds in every continent – Record extreme temperatures, wildfires, flooding, extreme storms, & other weather disasters. Climate change is real and human activities are the leading cause.

Our Aspiration

Caring for the environment is a shared responsibility. We are in sync with many other environmentalists to create global warming and climate change solutions. We cooperate to do our best and to be a part of the global effort of healing our earth so that we can say – Yes, Together we can!

Energy of the Future

AGA is in the advanced stage of developing a Green Ammonia production facility (the “Project”) using Green Hydrogen as Feedstock in Australia’s Northern Territory. Green Ammonia plays a vital role in decarbonizing hard-to-electrify sectors of the economy, such as long-haul trucking, aviation, shipping, and heavy manufacturing.

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