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Energy is critical to our daily lives. More and more people will gain access to energy and enjoy higher living standards over the coming decades. At the same time, climate change remains a serious concern. We use human ingenuity, innovation, and technology to develop projects to produce cleaner and sustainable energy for the years ahead.

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Environment & Technology innovation

Our industry thrives on INNOVATION – it is the single most important predictor of our future growth, sustainability, and profitability as a company. To succeed in our business, we must focus on our capabilities and ability to innovate and scale sustainable solutions exponentially across our entire business models, supply chain, sustainable feedstocks, and advanced technologies to produce Green Ammonia in Australia’s Northern Territory. This is what we need to put our company on a sustainable path.

Climate Emergency

Our world economy faces unprecedented challenges, whether from soaring population growth, resource constraints, global economic crisis, a warming climate, and health crisis. The rising concern over climate change is a global challenge, and we believe that new energy solutions are vital for scalable, accessible, environmental, and renewable solutions.

Accelerate renewable energy deployment

Wind and solar energy only account for around 9 percent of the global electricity generation mix today. Therefore, it is clear that the deployment of renewables needs to accelerate substantially for the world to stay within a 1.5 °C scenario. The problem is that traditional means of producing hydrogen generate large volumes of CO2.

AGAPL is accelerating the development of reliably net-zero carbon Green Ammonia production in Australia’s Northern Territory to be used in domestic and international industries worldwide.

Accelerate Policy support and ease of financing mechanism

Today, only some aspects of society are powered by electricity from renewable energy. A call to action for establishing collaborations to boost the scale of green hydrogen deployment to more than 45GW by 2027 is imminent. Current information and analysis suggest that it could take far less than 25GW electrolysis to reach well below $2/kg, but necessary policy interventions to build markets are not yet in place. To realize this target, the industry leaders have to mobilize and accelerate project development in the steel and shipping sectors.

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Implement solutions for hard to electrify industries

In some industries and sectors, electrification is not feasible anytime soon. However, Power-to-X and Green Ammonia are well-known solutions that show great potential to address the challenges we are facing today. Green Ammonia plays a vital role in decarbonizing hard-to-electrify sectors of the economy, such as long-haul trucking, aviation, shipping, and heavy industries.

Green Ammonia made from Green Hydrogen, the world’s most abundant and lightest element, has many industrial applications, from refining to petrochemicals to steel manufacturing. It is also a rich energy source, far more efficient than other fuels. Ammonia/Hydrogen demand has been increasing steadily over the past four decades.

Climate solutions

We are in sync with many other environmentalists to create global warming and climate change solutions. Our dream to make the earth a better place for future generations motivates us to develop sustainable solutions. We are advancing our green and clean energy projects in Australia’s Northern Territory to help shape the future generation’s relationship with our planet.

We recognize that we need to consider climate change in our project work to fulfill our promise. We aim to develop products that address climate change and global warming. Therefore we commit to continual improvement in our efficient use of natural resources and aspire to Zero Harm to people and the environment.

Climate Change & GreenHouse emissions

Many governments have established policies or mandates to reduce their emissions. Indeed, Climate Change is a global challenge, and we are in sync with other international Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia producers to help save the environment from further change.

We believe that the development and production of cleaner and sustainable fuels could provide a considerable part of the industry’s emissions-reduction strategy. Research has shown that using the equivalent quantity of alternative fuels on a complete carbon life cycle could reduce CO2 emissions between 65% to around 85% compared to the fossil fuel they replace.

The Solutions

We can get on track by 2026.

Learn more about the array of solutions.

Get on track by 2026.

Green Ammonia is one of the future fuels, and our project places the country at the forefront of the ecological transition. Australia may soon be a global supplier of one of the future fuels.

The good news is that climate change can be solved today. The Green Ammonia produced can be applied in diverse uses, mainly in the hard-to-abate sectors (industry and mobility), helping the country’s decarbonization journey and showcasing Australia’s true green potential to the world.

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