How we solve the ongoing health, economic, and environmental crisis is likely the biggest challenge facing our generation today. Our group is accelerating the transition to cleaner energy through our Green Ammonia project in the Northern Territory (NT), Australia, for a better future.
There is no planet B. We cooperate to do our best and be a catalyst of change in the global effort to heal our world from further change, and YES… "Together, we can."
We constantly look for possibilities in the market to drive advancement. We see challenges as opportunities, challenge the status quo, and tackle the problems differently. We explore new and dynamic business models and develop pioneering projects in Australia that help heal our environment.
We are inspired by the hopes and dreams of others and are committed to giving people the opportunity to lead improved lives. By doing good businesses that don't just focus on returns, we contribute to the communities we serve and the country.
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our strategy

AGA addresses structural and societal gaps in Australia’s Northern Territory by building impactful projects and transforming them into industry-leading companies. Our long-term value creation is driven by a combination of a robust financial strategy and a holistic non-financial strategy with sustainability at the core of our strategic framework. We envision a world where infrastructure project gives back. Water is protected, natural systems are valued, biodiversity is prioritized, nothing gets wasted, development is responsible, everyone can access renewable energy, clean energy, and society’s better future.

Drivers of effective strategy implementation at AGA

Our project's strategy implementation is developed in the context of critical global, regional, and local trends that we believe will impact markets, sectors, and businesses in which we choose to invest and operate.

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Strategic Business Development

We continue to refine our existing business strategies and identify new opportunities by leveraging our financial, intellectual, human, social, and relationship capital.

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Strong Project Management Team

Experienced management team – the AGA team comprises highly skilled Oil, Gas, Renewable Energy, & petrochemical sector executives. Each team member brings unique abilities to the organization and is committed to a single goal.

Business Finance, accounting, contract, advisor investment consulting marketing plan for the company with using tablet and computer technology in analysis.
Strong Capital Allocation

We utilized quantitative and qualitative criteria and a multi-step management approach to funding our Western Australia clean energy projects.

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Strong Commercial Structure

AGA uses strong Advisors (all Tripple A advisors and contractors). Our success lies in choosing strong third-party advisors and contractors who bring valuable experience to the Project – EPC contractor, O&M, Offtaker, Feedstock supplier, legal, insurance, pricing & market advisors.

Our Environment & Carbon Emission Commitments

AGA is committed to environmental excellence, from groundbreaking projects to research and activities in local communities. AGA and its employees are protecting the environment at all levels.

We are working towards zero-emission related to our operations and products and implementing innovative solutions that expand our portfolio to meet the demands of our customers for affordable, reliable, and clean supplies of energy and products.

As we work towards net-zero emissions, our collective challenge is to create solutions that protect the environment without undermining the growth of the global economy. AGA participates in international sustainable and industry-led projects to reduce the long-term risk of CO2 capture from emissions sources.

Sustainability is key to our values, promise, and purpose

Sustainability is a part of our identity. We built sustainability into our purpose, promise, and values, take actions to mitigate the impacts of climate change; and directly support social justice endeavors. AGA is developing an advanced Green Ammonia Project in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Our strategy for a sustainable world is embedded through our Sustainability Master Plan. AGA integrates sustainability into our process and operations, anchored on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We cooperate and support a sustainable business model that pursues social progress, environmental balance, and economic growth, to improve the lives of humanity today and in future generations.

Growth Opportunities & Practices

Climate change, demographic and social shifts, evolving economics, and technological innovations dictate what we must do today to address climate change and be resilient and sustainable tomorrow. AGA’s Company and sustainability strategies directly align to focus on that response.

AGA aims to integrate sustainability in all our operations and everyday practice by:

  • Implementing best industry, employee, and vendor procedures to reduce resource use, waste, and emissions while increasing efficiency and effectiveness in developing our projects
  • Fostering an understanding of sustainability at all levels of our organization in ways that are both personally and professionally relevant
  • Embracing accountable and transparent governance and leadership structure that integrates sustainability considerations in all our business decisions
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