Meet Harun

Engineering Manager | Two Decades of Engineering and Project Management Experience

Harun Idrees

Engineering Manager

CAREER & EXPERIENCE: Harun Idrees brings over two decades of invaluable expertise in engineering and project management to his role as Engineering Manager at Allied Green Ammonia. His diverse background encompasses a range of multidisciplinary roles across industries such as resources, mining, chemical, and renewables, with a particular focus on ammonia and hydrogen.

Professional Experience:

  • Allied Green Ammonia: As Engineering Manager at Allied Green Ammonia, Harun leads a team of engineers and professionals, driving excellence in every aspect of the operation.

  • Industry Expertise: Harun has played a pivotal role in building the H2/Ammonia industry, contributing significantly to the development of Allied Green Ammonia’s future prospects and the achievement of long-term goals.

  • Project Leadership: Known for his leadership skills, Harun has successfully led multimillion-dollar projects from concept to commissioning. His responsibilities include the development of proposals, pre-FEED/Feasibility, and FEED studies, adding substantial value to the Allied Green Ammonia portfolio.


  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering: Harun holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, providing him with a strong foundation for his contributions to the field.

  • Certified Chartered Professional Engineer: Recognized by Engineers Australia, Harun’s commitment to professional excellence is underscored by his status as a Certified Chartered Professional Engineer.

  • Educational Engagement: Harun’s dedication to knowledge sharing is evident in his role as a visiting lecturer for various educational institutions, including UQ Brisbane Australia. This engagement reflects his commitment to community outreach and education.

Professional Traits:

Harun Idrees is characterized by dedication, honesty, and a result-oriented personality. His ability to accomplish challenging tasks with precision and efficiency has been a hallmark of his career.

As a leader and team player, Harun is a driving force behind Allied Green Ammonia’s success, bringing a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach to the ever-evolving landscape of the engineering and renewable energy industries.


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