Meet Mohsin

Strategic and Innovative Engineering Leader

Mohsin Hassan

Corporate Executive

Mohsin Hassan is an accomplished professional with a deep expertise spanning over 15 years in the petrochemical, oil & gas, and building sectors. Renowned for his ability to elevate operational efficiency and strengthen corporate governance, he possesses specialized skills in a variety of areas. These include leadership, facilities management, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, and negotiation. Additionally, he is adept in strategic planning and vision, making him a standout figure in his field.

In his previous role as Head of Corporate Services, Mohsin demonstrated exceptional skill in managing executive functions, focusing on optimizing operations and boosting productivity. He played a critical role in devising strategies for service improvements, expertly managing budgeting and risk management, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. His project management skills were highlighted through the successful, budget-friendly, and timely completion of key projects. A champion of sustainability, he consistently drove operational advancements, integrating strategic goals with top-tier executive management in a challenging, dynamic environment.

As a Facilities Manager, Mohsin displayed strong leadership in managing complex facilities, emphasizing efficiency, safety, and a strategic approach to maintenance and operations.

His earlier position as an Engineering Manager solidified his diverse skill set, blending strategic planning, technical acumen, and hands-on management to ensure smooth facility operations.

A key aspect of Mohsin’s career is his leadership, particularly in leading high-performance teams and fostering effective executive collaborations. He has maintained a commitment to the highest standards throughout his career.

Qualifications and Recognitions:

He holds a Masters in Engineering, Post Graduate qualification in Engineering Management, Bachelor of Engineering. He is a certified Project Manager and has completed various prestigious Emerging Leaders Programme. His involvement with leading engineering and technology organizations reflects his active engagement in the professional community. His specialized training across various operational domains underscores his comprehensive expertise.

He has received several prestigious awards, recognizing his outstanding contributions and excellence in his field. His work in environmental sustainability, especially in initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, is a notable highlight of his career.


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