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Shannon Roberts

Operations Manager | Decades of Expertise in Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, and Mining Projects

Shannon Roberts

Operations Manager

CAREER & EXPERIENCE: Shannon, our esteemed Operations Manager, brings over two decades of invaluable experience in supporting the delivery of major Australian Oil & Gas, infrastructure, and mining projects. His distinguished career has been dedicated to overseeing operations from design to commissioning, both onshore and offshore, for major clients including Chevron, Shell, Woodside, BHP, and the Western Australian Government.

Operational Leadership:

  • Proven Operations Management: Shannon is a seasoned professional with a track record of effectively managing and optimizing operations in the dynamic environments of the Australian Oil & Gas, infrastructure, and mining sectors.

  • Client Relationship: His experience includes collaboration with industry leaders such as Chevron, Shell, Woodside, BHP, and government entities, reflecting his ability to build and maintain strong client relationships in the operational context.

  • Versatility in Operations: Shannon’s expertise extends across both onshore and offshore operations, showcasing his adaptability and proficiency in diverse operational settings.

Early Career Foundations:

  • Comprehensive Industry Knowledge: In the late 1990s, Shannon laid the groundwork for his career, gaining comprehensive knowledge in the fabrication, maintenance, and testing of power generation and pressure equipment within heavy chemical processing plants.


  • Graduate Certificate in Business: Shannon holds a Graduate Certificate in Business, emphasizing his commitment to ongoing learning and professional development in the operational context.

  • Diploma in Engineering – Technical: With a strong technical background, Shannon’s Diploma in Engineering contributes to his understanding of the engineering intricacies vital for successful operations management.

  • Diploma – International Welding Specialist: Shannon’s specialized diploma in international welding standards highlights his dedication to ensuring the highest quality standards in fabrication processes within the operational framework.

Operations Leadership:

As Operations Manager, Shannon Roberts brings a strategic vision, meticulous operations management skills, and a commitment to delivering excellence. His wealth of experience and expertise positions his as an instrumental asset to our team, ensuring the efficiency and success of operations under his capable leadership.


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