Meet Vinojit

UK and Australian Qualified Chemical Engineer | MBA

Vinojit Ambalavaner

Director Commercial

CAREER & EXPERIENCE: Vinojit is a seasoned professional with a unique blend of expertise in chemical engineering and business administration. His career spans across continents, having worked in Africa, Canada, the USA, Australia, and Southeast Asia. This global exposure has provided him with a diverse cultural perspective that enriches his approach to challenges.

  • Upstream Oil and Gas: Vinojit has contributed significantly to the Upstream Oil and Gas sector, showcasing his skills in a dynamic and demanding industry.
  • Downstream Chemical Industry: With a keen understanding of the downstream chemical industry, Vinojit has played pivotal roles in enhancing operational efficiency and product quality.
  • Mineral Exploration and Processing: His experience extends to the mineral exploration and processing industry, where he has demonstrated his prowess in optimizing processes for maximum yield.
  • Listed and Private Companies: Vinojit’s career includes engagements with both large listed corporations and private enterprises, showcasing his adaptability and versatility.


  • Design, Construction, and Procurement: Vinojit brings a wealth of knowledge in design, construction, and procurement, ensuring projects are executed with precision and efficiency.

  • Commercial Acumen: With a strong commercial background, he navigates the intricacies of business transactions with a strategic and forward-thinking mindset.

  • Project Development: Vinojit has been involved in project development, where his skills in planning and execution have been instrumental in successful project outcomes.

Business Development:

Vinojit is known for his robust business development skills, establishing and nurturing key relationships that contribute to organizational growth. His ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities sets him apart in the competitive business landscape.

Board Directorships:

  • Yara Burrup Holdings JV: Served as a Board Director for Yara Burrup Holdings JV, Vinojit brought his strategic insights to the joint venture.

  • TOLL Royal Group JV: Vinojit has been a Board Director for the TOLL Royal Group JV, where his leadership contributed to the success of this joint venture.

  • GEOPACIFIC Royal Group JV: Vinojit held a position on the board for the GEOPACIFIC Royal Group JV, playing a crucial role in guiding the joint venture’s direction.

  • Sakari Royal Group JV: Vinojit’s expertise extends to the board of the Sakari Royal Group JV, where he contributed to the strategic decisions of the joint venture.

Vinojit Ambalavaner is not just a professional; he’s a global thinker and problem solver, bringing a unique perspective to every challenge he encounters.

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